Playback speed controls & patient playback

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You can now adjust the playback speed of your audio. Just click the meter icon in the toolbar, and move the slider.

Playback speed was a common feature request, making it easier to correct transcription errors by slowing down playback. But when we tried it, we found that simply slowing down playback wasn’t hitting the mark: often there are only typos every ten or twenty words, and it’s annoying to listen to the accurate regions at a snail’s pace.

If you’re using Descript to correct transcripts, you’ll love this feature. Give it a try!

Support for video file formats

Drag any video file into Descript and it'll automatically rip and transcribe the audio.

transcribe video audio.gif

Nicer Invoices

Improved the design/usefulness of your billing history.

Transcription Activity Report

Delete & Duplicate Projects

Show audio time as you scroll

See the time next to the scrollbar as you scroll through a Composition:

scroll time.gif

Playhead gets out of the way when paused

Playhead now contracts when paused:

Screen Recording 2018-07-19 at 09.12 AM.gif

Support for Inline Notes

(Type in parentheses) to add notes to your script that don't affect the audio/text sync.

inline notes.gif

Smart speaker label suggestions

Type "@" and Descript will default to the speaker before last, making it very quick to enter speaker labels.

speaker label suggestions.gif

Delete Compositions

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