Preserve Export Settings

Now Descript remembers the last export settings you used.

Access Share settings from the Project List

Click on a Project's"…" link in the Project List to manage sharing settings.

project browser share.gif

Replace File

Have you ever gotten halfway through editing a Project only to realize there's a problem with one of your source media files? Maybe it's distorting, or you mistakenly loaded in a compressed file and want to replace it with the original? Use Replace File to load in a new file and delete the old one. (Docs)

Redesigned Timeline

The new design strengthens the relationship between clips and the Word Bar, and sets the stage for upcoming multitrack features.

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 4.20.57 PM.png

Collapsed Sidebar

Descript's sidebar now has an economical collapsed state.

collapsed sidebar.gif

Open non-downloaded Projects

Now you can open Projects to see what's inside without waiting for them to download first. Very useful when someone shares a 10GB Project with you!

Stability & Performance Improvements

We've made dramatic improvements to the reliability of automatic cloud sync, and audio/video playback performance.

File Optimization

Descript now automatically generates high quality optimized versions of your files, ideal for editing and sharing, and reducing the hard disk requirements. Descript also retains your original files, which you can use to optimize the quality of your final export. (Docs)

Team Project Sharing

Give your team comment/edit access to a Project with one click.

share with team.gif

@ mention collaborators in comments to send invite/email


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