Project Search

Keyword search across all of your Project Compositions and files.

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Export to Adobe Premiere

Non-destructive export to Adobe Premiere.

Multitrack Transcription w/ Automatic Speaker Labels

If you have a recording with each speaker with a different microphone, or saved as separate files in a call or video conference using an apps like Zoom or Skype, you can use Descript to create automatically combine the files into a single Composition, with speaker labels added automatically.

You can then make edits as if they’re one file, and then when you’re done, export the session and preserve the edits and the original tracks.



Organize your Compositions into Folders.


Split Clips in Timeline

Split a clip by clicking the dot on the playhead.

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Edit via Wordbar

Now from the Timeline (View > Timeline) you can edit the space between words by dragging the Wordbar.


Final Cut Pro Export

Now you can export a Project to Final Cut Pro - retaining all of the edits you made in Descript and using the original assets. Click the Share Button > Export Session, and from there you can select Final Cut Pro.

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v8545 release notes

  • Opening Projects is now much faster
  • Fixed the issue where Compositions would stop playing and you'd see a "Loading" screen

Clip to Composition

Clip selected text to a target Composition.

Copy Highlights

Copy highlighted text to the clipboard (and paste to a new Composition).

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